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Dog Adoption Coordinator Agreement

Coordinator's Name


Coordinator's Contact Information

Coordinator's Address

Type of Residence

I agree to

1) volunteer my time and energy to help dogs from Welcome Dog Korea find a home in my local areas.

2) keep any information from

- Adoption Applications

- Coordinator Manual

      to myself and confidential and never share it with anyone.

3) be financially responsible for any damages caused when there is a breach of agreement on my part.

4) never sell any dogs for financial gain.

5) never rehome any dogs without the board members' unison consent.



I certify that

1) I have read and understood the rules a coordinator should follow.

2) the information I have provided on this form is true, correct, and accurate.

3) my digital signature below is valid as a means of legal signature for the purpose of this agreement and i have read and understood the agreement.
4) I agree to "rescuer agreement" and the signature here is as good as I signed the rescuer agreement.

This is applicable when coordinators adopt out their dogs through WDK.

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