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Foster Parent Application




Contact Information

Type of your Residence

Does your landlord allow pets?

Are all family members in the household in favor of fostering?

Are any of the family members allergic to dogs?

Type of Fence

Height of Fence

The dog will stay

<Care of the Dog>


I agree to

1) provide the dog appropriate food, water, shelter and exercise.

2) treat the dog in a humane manner

3) never use the dog for medical or other research or experimental purposes. 

4) put a properly fitted safe collar on the dog along with an identification tag that provides my current contact information.

5) provide the dog veterinary care and treatment as needed, which includes annual medical checkups, any vaccinations recommended by veterinarians, those inquired by law, and appropriate preventative flea treatment and heartworm medicine.

<No waranties of Age, Breed, Temperament, or Health>

I understand that

1) Welcome Dog Korea makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the dog's health other than the dogs are

a) free of rabie and/or heartworm,  

b) on preventative medicines; heartworm, tick and flea

2) The dog may have behavioral issues that can emerge during the adjustment period.

I agree to

3) follow the recommendations Welcome Dog Korea offers to resolve any possible behavioral problems. 

4) give the dog a reasonable adjustment period.

<Indemnify and Hold Harmless>

I understand that

1) Any interaction between the dog and any animal or person, including children, is solely my responsibility.


I agree to

1) allow Welcome Dog Korea representatives entry onto my property to ensure the dog is being cared for in compliance with this agreement.

<Relinquishment of the Rights to Custody>

I agree to

1) never to sell, trade, re-home, surrender the dog to a shelter or otherwise relinquish custody of the dog to Welcome Dog Korea.

2) notify Welcome Dog Korea if I can no longer care for or keep the dog.

3) foster the dog until Welcome Dog Korea is able to find a new foster for the dog.

4) fully cooperate in relocating the dog.

<Forfeiture of the Rights to Custody>

I agree that 

1) Welcome Dog Korea shall retain superior title in the dog to assure the dog's well-being. 

2) I am not entitled to recover any of my costs incurred in the care of the dog prior to forfeiture.

4) falsification of any of the information I submitted is a ground for forfeiture of the dog.

<Remedy for Non-Compliance>

I understand that, if i fail or refuse to forfeit the dog,

1) Welcome Dog Korea reserves the right to file a court action to enforce the provisions of this agreement; recovery of the dog. 

2) the prevailing party to any proceeding shall be entitled to recover any cost, including reasonable attorneys' fees, from the losing party.

<Liquidated Damages>

I understand that

1) it is difficult to determine the actual damages that might be sustained by Welcome Dog Korea when I fail or refuse to forfeit the dog.

I agree to

2) pay $800(usd) to Welcome Dog Korea regardless of legal proceedings are initiated or not.

<Compliance with Policies and Laws>

I agree to

1) obey all applicable laws governing licenses, control, and custody of the dog.

2) never to keep the dog on land or property in violation of a "no pets" policy or other applicable pet restriction such as limitations on weight or number of pets. 

<Lost or Stolen Dog>

I agree to

1) notify Welcome Dog Korea as soon as possible; no later than 72 hours of the loss or theft.

2) be deemed to have forfeited the dog if I fail or refuse to retrieve the dog after being notified that the dog is in custody by any animal control agency. 


I agree to

1) provide Welcome Dog Korea with new contact information; new address and telephone number, within 30 days from the day I move.

<Foster Parent Application>

I understand that

1) there is no obligation for Welcome Dog Korea to grant a foster, now or in the future.

2) all applications are reviewed on a first-come basis however, Welcome Dog Korea rescue will ultimately select the best applicant for the betterment of the pet. 

3) With respect to privacy of other applicants and possible disclosure of other pertinent information that may be "private", Welcome Dog Korea reserves the right not to disclose the details of applicant selection.

4) WDK is not responsible for any expenses but

- medical bills from unavoidable vet visits.

- dog food (on request)

I agree that

4) foster parent application and other information I submitted is incorporated herein by this reference.

5) any material misrepresentation made to Welcome Dog Korea prior to the foster period is a material breach of this agreement.

6) I shall cooperate to

provide pictures and videos to help with the advertisement.

schedule to allow the possible adopters to meet the dog in person.

I certify that

6) the information I have provided on this form is true, correct, and accurate.

7) my digital signature below is valid as a means of legal signature for the purpose of this adoption application and i have read and understand the agreement.

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